We have your dress essentials covered. Go from casual daytime play to special events with well-placed ruffles and lace edges in all the right places. Long sleeved or short, sleeveless or collared: we can do it all.

Share your imagination with us for the perfect outfit, and we will make it happen. We are excited to customize our products with you, and for any questions of concerns, just get in touch.


Shirts & blouses

At Little Details we make shirts and blouses for all ages: from newborn to 4 years old kids, guaranteeing timeless style. Every single shirt and blouse is handmade in our Atelier in Barcelona with a very high quality textile and fabric selections.

Wether for the day-to-day life or for an special occasion, we have the shirt to match. Visit our range of products and contact us for any question you might have.


Bloomers & culottes

All our bloomers and culottes have an elastic band on both the waist and leg openings to ensure not only maximum comfort but also the longest durability of theses garments. Designed to allow children to grow, and combined with our curated selections, your child will get many months of use out of the same pants. For the exact bloomer or culotte you need, just choose the form and pattern that suites you and your child, and we will produce it in our Atelier in Barcelona.

Discover the possibilities in our online shop and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need additional information. .



Which garment is more adaptable and more wearable than a romper? Long or short legs, long or short-sleeved, sleeveless, collared or not, these are just some of the romper design options we at Little Details offer. We know from experience how essential these garments are, and we are excited to allow for full customization in our Atelier in Barcelona.

Let us know which style and which fabric, and we will make it happen. If you need advice, our experts are ready to work with you.


About us

Little Details offers carefully handcrafted and unique collections, beginning with the selection of the top-quality fabrics and natural materials, through to the manufacturing process, and finishing with our special final touch. Our product selection offers the best quality and comfort in the chicest and most exclusive outfits, guaranteeing timeless style.  

Our concept is simple: quality design from the whole outfit down to the littlest detail.  We also offer practicality and comfort for our clients and their children through pre-selected outfits in collections that keep up with the trends while offering classic combinations. Leave tiresome shopping behind and enjoy the ease of a complete outfit with long-lasting and beautiful ensemble pieces. Little Details reduces your worry to simply which outfit you want to pick and helps you for any question you might have. You just need to contact us, it will be a pleasure!  

Are you joining us? You’re only one click away!  


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